Page 11 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 07
P. 11

Internal Bleeding

                        Ghazal Khanna

                               Indian Poet
                                                                 My eyes watch me

                                                                 fall deeper inside
              My chest feels full

              so, it bleeds                                      submerged

              into tiny droplets                                 in my own crazy mind

              of metaphors
                                                                 My body trembles

                                                                 like at a lover's touch
              My heart oozes pain

              like blood
              but nobody can see it                              My skin grows thicker
                                                                 with every passing second

              My limbs splash inside

              the pool of memories                               My mind tells me to
                                                                 let it swallow me whole

                                                                 like a black hole
              My breath feels faint

              while I try to keep afloat                         so I stop paddling

                                                                 and I try to reach
              My hands try to catch

              something to hold onto                             the rock bottom sooner

              but find nothing                                   smash my head open

              It's all fluid in there                            to let you know
                                                                 that I am bleeding
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