Page 10 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 07
P. 10

Between glorification and lowering my value,

                  moving between these two extremes with

                  acute mood swings

                  similar to wave fluctuations, to guitar cord

                  oscillations and occasionally to breakdown –

                  that Dr. Cooper treats

                  and also curses my arrogance and pride
                  by saying that I

                  am applying

                  Groucho Marx's saying by saying:

                  “I refuse to join any club that would have me as

                  a member.”

                  So I looked in the mirror and hugged her

                  I fall in love slowly

                  There are religions and perceptions

                  preaching that self-love is egotistical and

                  illegitimate, although

                  there are studies that indicate that we are born in

                  love with ourselves, very much so.

                  And that this love is self-nourishment and a

                  necessary condition in order

                  to survive

                  That is what your babies

                  will testify to

                  most of all.

                         1.Researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada, found a direct
                         link between thick, well-groomed eyebrows and narcissism
                         2. From the poem "Summary"; that appeared in the book";Nine years
                         from you,” 2018, published by “Iton 77” publishers, Tali Cohen Shabtai
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