Page 7 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 06
P. 7

Ammu Rajeev

                                                                    Kerala, India

                                                           Lost in Aleppo

                 Alone in the crowd I stand                     And shamelessly, put the burden
                 Eyes searching forth at familiar face,         Of this savage war
                 Wish I had not let go your hand,               On the shoulders of little children
                 Now you are gone without a trace.              And to leave a barren path, long and
                 Why did they have to choose our place,
                 To destroy and turn to dust?                   No matter how much ever I try
                 Our home town reduced to amaze                 I cannot hold back my tears.
                 And the land is left to rust.                  I need a shoulder to cry
                                                                And share al l my fears.

                 The world has lost its glory,
                 humane values, if there were any.              You were my only friend,
                 With all these acts so gory,                   But now I'm left alone.
                 Took lives of so many.                         Where am I to find an end
                                                                Or a place I can call home?
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