Page 4 - Reflectoem Magazine Issue 06
P. 4


                       Nina Serrano

                             New York

                                                       As a child  I used to tell time
                                                       by the bells ringing from the church

                                                       three blocks away
                                                       “Hurry get to school they rang” in the early morning
                                                       But in the tumult of everyone in the apartment
                                                       getting ready for work and school
                                                       I didn't usually hear them
                                                       I really only really listened for them
                                                       when I stayed home from school
                                                       by falsely insisting that I didn't feel well
                                                       My parents were at work
                                                       The house was quiet and lonely
                                                       at 3 o'clock when school let out
                                                       I heard the vibrating song
                                                       and again with a variation at 3:15
                                                       Now I was totally free
                                                       to stop pretending to be sick
                                                       I could prepare for wellness
                                                       and my parents' return with the hope of hugs and

                                                       and to listen for the chiming chiming chiming
                                                       of the evening bells
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