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Amita  Sanghvi   teaches  at   Sultan
        R E D   R U S T Y                                                              Qaboos University in Muscat. She

                                                                                       holds   an   MA,   B.ed,   MPHIL,
                                                                                       English   Literature,   and   MA
        M E M O R Y                                                                    TESOL(   Lancaster   University,

                                                                                       UK).Her   first   book   of   poetry   is
                                                                                       Lavender  Memories(  2018).  She  is
                                                                                       honoured   as   the   Ambassador   of
                                                                                       Poetry   to   Oman  by   World  Poetry
                                                                                       International Canada:
                                                                                       Amita   Sanghavi   has   recently
                                                                                       been   honoured   by   ITALY   with
                                                                                       the   title   Representative   of
        A   M    I  T   A      S   A   N    G    H    A   V    I                       IMMAGINE   &   POESIA   ART   AND
                                                                                       LITERARY   MOVEMENT,   Italy.Her
                                                                                       poetry   has   been   translated   in
                                                                                       Arabic, Japanese and Italian.

                  A red rusty memory
                  Of yours
                  Emerged while I did
                  My chores…
                  Scalding me
                  One more time,
                  Reminding me
                  Broken promises without
                  Rhythm and rhyme.
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