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Jacques Fleury is a Haitian-
        L E T   L I F E   I N                                                   American Poet, Author, Educator
                                                                                and a graduate studies student
                                                                                at Harvard University online. His
                                                                                new book, Chain Letter to
                                                                                America: The One Thing You Can
                                                                                Do to End Racism, A Collection
                                                                                of Essays, Fiction and Poetry
                                                                                Celebrating Multiculturalism is
                                                                                available at The Harvard Book
                                                                                Store and Amazon. He lives in
        J A C Q U E S   F L E U R Y                                             the revolutionary state of

                                                                                Massachusetts in the United
                                                                                States of America.
          "Life doesn’t happen TO you, life happens
          FOR you!"
          Says the butterfly to the flower.

          A visceral light descends from nowhere land,

          Like happenstance squatting on  a cloud

          Let there be LIFE!

          I am nothing if not the product of country and
          Country lives within me, I live within

          What is life if not a series of continuous
          shenanigans from
          Way back when, when life first began.
          Be cautious but let them happen.
          Hurt and hate,
          Lust and love,
          Money and Power,
          Are portals to growth and understanding.

          Don't waste time wishing for what isn't,
          Bask in the glory of what is and
          Let the moment delve into development.

          Yank the shades,
          Tout the horns,
          Ring the bells,
          Let life in, and find meaning!
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