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        V I B G Y O R                                                                   Dr.Alok   Kumar   Ray   from
                                                                                        Kendrapara   district   of   Odisha,
                                                                                        India   is   a   Senior   Lecturer   in
                                                                                        Political   Science   in   a   Degree
                                                                                        College   affiliated   to   Utkal
                                                                                        University.   He   is   a   Textbook
                                                                                        writer   ,editor   of      books
                                                                                        containing   scholastic   articles   in
                                                                                        social  sciences.  He  is  a  bi-lingual
                                                                                        poet   and   write  in   both   Odia   and

        D   R    .  A   L  O    K       K   U    M    A   R      R    A   Y

           With shades of rainbow in my heart,  tender
           and juicy like orange;
           My violet eyes once again earmarked a whole
           new exotic march.
           The cascading silvery rain drops from the
           indigo sky above,
           Provided my bluish emotions wings to scale
           The cool breeze altered my long lasting blues
           into stuffs of  green serendipity;
           Alluring pink dreams rescued my life's
           shrinking vessels of nightmares.
           I found myself in a yellowish mustard field

           Where hopes tingling in hues of red enticed
           me for a new dawn glorious.
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