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        M I S S   A   B R E A T H

                                                                                        Hu jinquan is a well-known poet,
                                                                                        calligrapher, painter and a
                                                                                        famous management
                                                                                        consultant in China.

        H U   J I N Q U A N

          I stretched out a hand,touched Clouds of

          It was so painful to see how polluted.
          Geese fly in the dirty air.
          I felt eyes blurred.
          An acrid smell filled the air.
          The leaves were turning yellow.
          I hope, too much!
          Vast expanses of grassland lay before us.
          I hope, too much!
          White clouds swam in the blue sky.
          I hope, too much!
          Always feel the sunshine.
          I hope, too much!
          Enjoy the sparkling beauty of rain.
          I hope, too much!
          I am also vibrant green.
          I hope, too much!

          Everyone can breathe fresh air to enjoy

          The purpose of this poem is to illustrate the
          harm of
          air pollution and call on the international
          to pay attention to improving air quality so
          that people
          can breathe fresh air!
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