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        I C E   W O M E N

                                                                                       Moumita   Alam   from   Bengal,
                                                                                       India   a  known   poet   whose   book
                                                                                       of   poems   "The   Musings   of   the
                                                                                       Dark"   has   been   published

        M O U M I T A   A L A M

            I sniff my mother
            to feel the warmth of home
            a home that I am searching for
            icicles enter my nose
            and run through my vein
            I become cold like dead body
            I frantically run my hands
            through my ice cold body
            and again through my mother's
            I shudder at the same coldness
            of my mother's armpit
            I ask my mother
            where her home is
            she looks at me with her
            snowballed eyes
            she looks clueless
            as I am
            when being asked
            the same question
            she runs towards the gas oven
            to bring hot cup of tea
            for my father
            the question melts and vanishes
            in the cup
            my father sups the warmth.
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