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                                                                                        Shruti  Goel  is  a  Creative
                                                                                        Artist  who  is  a  bilingual
         I A M   N O T   Y O U R                                                        poet, a writer, an essayist,
                                                                                        and     an      accidental
                                                                                        Her poetry is published in
         P E R C E P T I O N                                                            the    special     edition

                                                                                        of"Hyphenated  Identities"
                                                                                        in  the  Pittsburgh  based
                                                                                        bilingual  global  journal,
                                                                                        Setu.   She    has   been
                                                                                        featured  on  Ekphrastic-
         S H R U T I   G O E L                                                          Where  Art  Meets  Poetry
                                                                                        By  a  well-known  Author
                                                                                        Don Beukes.

              Not black,
              Not brown,
              Neither am I white,
              Etched as a human in this universe,
              I don't acquire,
              Nor do I confine me,
              With tags bestowed upon me,
              By fellow humans.
              Whatever knowledge you've accomplished,
              Stands no ground,
              For identifying me,
              Your perception perceives,
              That which you have acquired,
              Over a period of learning the evident,
              So, come stripped off of stereotypes,
              Live my experiences,
              Shatter the glass of dogmas,

              Care to learn who I truly am.
              No soil,
              No Country,
              No attire,
              No language,
              Can hold the essence of my Being.
              These are just learned studies.
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