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        C O N F U C I U S   F O R

                                                                                        Gavin   Bourke   grew   up,   in   the
        K I N G
                                                                                        suburb   of   Tallaght,   in   West
                                                                                        Dublin.   Married   to   Annemarie,
                                                                                        living  in  County  Meath,  he  holds  a
                                                                                        B.A. in Humanities, from Dublin
                                                                                        City  University,   an   M.A.  Degree,  in
                                                                                        Modern   Drama   Studies   and   a
        G A V I N   B O U R K E                                                         Higher   Diploma   in   Information

                                                                                        Studies,   from   University   College

          Confucius For King, again, of the whole world, five fifty
          one to four seventy nine, to twenty twenty one and on,
          moral alignment, from the stars, to the earth’s core,
          through all systems and structures and humans, a way
          of life, that has worked and will work again, with just a
          modicum of imagination and the aid and assistance of
          the third eye, to open the fourth slowly, to embrace all
          humanity and insofar, as is possible, rather than
          reasonably practicable, morality, in all its conceptual
          frameworks and forms, for the good of all, then we have,
          all good, good for all, golden flowing rivers, artistic
          founts, leading to reservoirs, of all possible eternities.
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