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        S E A M L E S S   B R E A T H

                                                                                        Kamrul   Islam,   a   Professor   of
        O F   L O V E
                                                                                        English,   was   born   in   Bangladesh.
                                                                                        He   is   a   published   bilingual   poet,
                                                                                        essayist, translator and short story
                                                                                        writer.   Eleven   books   of   poems,
                                                                                        four   of   essays   and   one   of   short
                                                                                        stories   have   got   published   till

        K A M R U L   I S L A M

        The bounties of nature dripped with amorous
        Your shade in autumn makes me quiet and meek.
        The gone by days pluck the musings of essence,
        Haunt me the leaves falling in bashful faces.

        You are the moon that gleans my sorrows and
        Nocturnal faith melts into mire the artful blink of

        My heart trembles, squeezes the age, binds my
        Love floats on the flow of bloods, the azure sky
        Sprinkles blessings on your nervous shade that
        Its veils in sylvan dramas and plumage of lonely

        Standing on the shaken dreams of optic motions
        Come and dive into the seamless breath of love,
        Stay at my hut I built with passionate wings of
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