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        T H E

        M I L K M A N
                                                                                        Francisc   Edmund   Balogh   from
                                                                                        Romania  have  been  published   in
                                                                                        couple   anthologies,   won   recently
                                                                                        an   international   prize   at   the   L'
                                                                                        Olimpiade Mondiaux de Poesie
        F R A N C I S C   E D M U N D

        B A L O G H

          The milkman comes always
          on his bike, at four a clock,
          not even the dawn is
          woken up yet.
          Some people say
          they saw him
          between delivery,
          chasing the stars as they
          were butterflies.
          The very few bystanders
          were worried,
          some for the stars,
          some for the milkman on the bike,
          some for the milk.

          Only the milkman was
          hoping that the dawn will not
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