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                                                                                        Brindha   Venkataramani   is   a
        I N   S E A R C H   O F                                                         Software professional who lives in
                                                                                        Singapore.   She   takes   great   pride
                                                                                        in   being   a   mother   of   two   loving
        S T I L L N E S S                                                               teenage   daughters.   She   is   an
                                                                                        ardent   practitioner   of   yoga   and
                                                                                        meditation,   a   veena   player,   and
                                                                                        loves   nature.      She   has   recently
                                                                                        been   writing   on   subjects   related
                                                                                        to   happiness,   knowing   the   Self,
                                                                                        and well-being in general

        B R I N D H A

                senses dancing to the
                tunes of wild thoughts
                floods of desire drain
                into the ocean of existence
                forever getting filled,
                can I remain still?
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