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                                                                                        Shruti  Goel  is  a  Creative
        T O   T H E   W O R L D                                                         Artist  who  is  a  bilingual
                                                                                        poet, a writer, an essayist,
                                                                                        and     an      accidental
        W I T H   L O V E                                                               photographer.
                                                                                        Her poetry is published in
                                                                                        the    special     edition
                                                                                        of"Hyphenated  Identities"
                                                                                        in  the  Pittsburgh  based
                                                                                        bilingual  global  journal,
                                                                                        Setu.   She    has   been
                                                                                        featured  on  Ekphrastic-
                                                                                        Where  Art  Meets  Poetry
        S H R U T I   G O E L
                                                                                        By  a  well-known  Author
                                                                                        Don Beukes.

                                                                   I welcome you to my world of love, hope, and
        The Sun,                                                   happiness,
        The Moon,                                                  To see that which is concealed and it’s
        And some sprinkled stars,                                  bittersweetness,
        Distantly The Czar directing a symphony of guitars,        To hear the unspoken,
        The glowing golden ball,                                   To feel every breath,
        With burning flames that sprawl,                           To let you be you with me
        Assorted rainbows and downpours,                           And to let me be me with you!
        Fall leaves and red hues in a concourse,
        Dried corn husks,
        And pumpkin mousse,
        Snowflakes and snow angels,
        A spread of white pearl-like jewels.
        We made it to this month’s assurances,
        Between syllables and silences,
        Unspoken spells,
        Elaborate monologues,
        Filling my personal catalogs,
        Between silent  moments,
        And screeching sounds
        There's just an emotion that surrounds,
        Hope never fails us.
        There's so much to discuss
        To new beginnings,
        And happier endings,
        To unbecoming,
        So that we become,
        To unveil the truth within,
        To shine our gleam and raise our chin,
        Out in this world that seems like a dream.
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