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        B I R T H

                                                                                        Hailing   from   Ichapore,West
                                                                                        Bengal,  India  she  is  a  regular  poet
                                                                                        for   the   leading   Magazines
                                                                                        published   in   West   Bengal   and

                                                                                        Bangladesh.She   writes  mostly   on
                                                                                        the   trials   and   tribulations   of
                                                                                        Indian   women,   the   conflicts   that
        J H E L U M   T R I B E D I
                                                                                        plague their daily existence
               Translated into English by Moulinath Goswami, from the original Bengali poem
                                    "Jonmo" by Jhelum Tribedi.

           Here we stand in the moonlight
           The pregnant winter night
           leaves a silent trail of eternal melancholy...

           The words come to an end.
           Their strains resonate forever...
           forever inside the heart.

           In vain belief do I hold your hand.
           Pray tell
           The day you learnt to fall in love -
           Did you then know,
           I'll turn into a song once I met my death!
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