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        R E D S T O N E S ,   B L U E                                                   Arnab   Roy   was   born   on   9th
                                                                                        December.   1982   at   a   provincial
                                                                                        town   names   Malda   on   the
        S T O N E S                                                                     northern   part   of   West   Bengal,
                                                                                        India.   He   was   then   raised   at
                                                                                        various   places   of   Bengal   at
                                                                                        various   stages.   He   has   done   his
                                                                                        graduation  from  Kolkata   and   his
                                                                                        masters   from   Varanasi.   He   now
        A R N A B   R O Y                                                               teaches   in   a   school   at   another
                                                                                        provincial   town   of   West   Bengal,
                                                                                        Raghunathganj.   He   has   two
                                                                                        collections   of   poems,   namely,
                                                                                        Rwiju   Chilon   Bismito   Sorol   (can
                                                                                        be   crudely   translated   Upright
                                                                                        Smooth   Surprised   Simple)   and
           Everywhere there are songs of falling in love                                Korunasomogro   (The   Pity
           Everywhere there are songs of drowning in love                               Omnibus   may   be)   to   his   credit.
                                                                                        He   has   also   published   a
                                                                                        collection of short stories so far.
           But, whose love is destroyed,
           whose tender heart, like a raw mango
                                                        is squished,
           who, with his body, mind, falling asleep
           waking up with a startle, hiccups,
           wild chases and wilder attacks,
           moments of smashing tea cups,
           scattered pieces of crystals — everything,
           with all these, has become one singular pain —

           O the red stone on the fingers
           O the blue stone on the fingers
           bring a little luck from those black silent stony planets
           of the vast nothingness,
           shine unexpectedly.
           Let there be some magic.
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