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English translation of poem Viacrucis  (a Giacomo Cuttone)
                                             Giacomo Giannone                                      Poetry

                              Way of the Cross (to Giacomo Cuttone)

             The sea sinks into a sea            Nights and days alone on the sea       A way of the cross of
             cobalt                              30 days to ask                         despair
             veined with rivulets of blood       help                                   and vain invocations
             the bond of the human               30 days of sun and salt                plow unstable waters

             rescue.                             30 days to die.                        73 the dead
             Slides on water                     And the clear sea                      from the sun from
             flickering                          raptor ready                           the salt torn.
             an inflatable boat without guide    to welcome                             And modern man
             78 passengers                       in his deep belly                      the diligent man
             There are 78 poor Christians.       men women children.                    in his closed house
             They were looking for a shore       Only scarce supplies                   full protected
             where to land                       of bread water                         his law defends.
             and rejected came from              and then "via foreigners"              The sea is beautiful
             unfair law                          suns on the sea                        the sea of August
             not by return wave.                 alone to navigate.                     think in silence the
                                                                                        modern and justice
                                                                                        and equality argues

                                                                                           "Isola non è arrivo 2"
                                                                                             (2007, acrylic on
                                                                                             canvas 100x100) ,
                                                                                             work of Giacomo
                                                                                             inspired the poet
                                                                                            Giacomo Giannone,
                                                                                               for his poem
                                                                                                Via Crucis.
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