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2012,  The  drawings  of  "We  are
                                                                           winning wing", personal exhibition
                                                                           at  the  Lavatoio  Contumaciale  in
                                                                           Rome, directed by Tomaso Binga
                                                                           and     presentation    of    the
                                                                           anonymous  collective  text  (Noi
                                                                           Rebeldia  2010)  by  Antonino
                                                                           Contiliano "We are winning wing",
                        A moment of the exhibition;                        CFR Edition .

                                                                           Giacomo Cuttone with the
                                                                           critics Francesca Fiorletta,
                                                                            Francesca Medaglia and
                                                                            Francesco Muzzioli, the
                                                                                curator Antonino
                                                                          Contiliano and the director
                                                                            of the Lavatoio Tomaso
                                                                            Binga (Bianca Pucciarelli
                                                                            Menna) author of visual,
                                                                            sound and performative

                                            2013: Giacomo Cuttone-Gianmario Lucini, "Song of lost
                                            children"  (cover  and  eight  drawings  inside),  Edizioni
                                            CFR, Piateda (SO).
                                            The  author  of  the  texts,  Gianmario  Lucini,  first
                                            composed  the  poems  and  then  the  recitatives.  The
                                            poems  are  a  lyrical  comment  on  Cuttone's  graphics,
                                            while the recitatives are a kind of common thread or a
                                            reflection that crosses the various moments.
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