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In  1986  in  Racalmuto                              Aware of the beauty of the world
                     (Agrigento)  with  the                               that surrounds him but embittered
                     writer         Leonardo                              by       the      unprecedented

                     Sciascia                                             disfigurements operated by man's
                                                                          violence,   Cuttone    loves   to
                                                                          propose  it  pictorially  in  all  its
                  In   2004     in                                        pregnant  expressions  not  in  a
                  Mazara       del                                        photographic way but in terms of
                  Vallo at the VI                                         almost   poetic   immediacy    in
                  Memorial      of                                        reality.
                  the  Antigroup                                          His social poetry is also intended
                  poet  Rolando                                           to  be  a  message  of  research;  a
                                                                          search  for  the  most  intimate
                                                                          sense of things through which to
                                                                          make the images palpitate so that
                                                                          the  observer  can  converse  with
                                                                          the  painting  in  a  silent  but
                                                                          participatory approach.
                                                                          Cuttone's techniques, both mixed
                                                                          and composite, lead to effects of
                                                        In  2010  with    great    fascination,    certainly
                                                        the      work     involving  those  who  contemplate
                                                        "Volare  alto-    his  works,  of  a  subtle,  suasive
                                                        Omaggio  a        lesson  that  is  not  epidermal  and
                                                        Giuseppe          light,  but  rather  capable  of
                                                        Grassa"           captivating and capturing intellect
                                                                          and heart; which is only of art, of
                                                                          art  without  adjectives,  magical
                                                                          moment,  state  of  grace,  suffered
                                                                          translation    and     consistent
                                                                          expression of moods.

                                                'ELMOTELL  BLUES,  Navarra  publisher,  Palermo
                                                (2007).  It  is  a  heroic-comic  poem  composed  by
                                                Antonino  Contiliano,  "editing"  his  verses,  by
                                                Emilio  Piccolo,  Francesco  Muzzioli  and  Valerio
                                                Cuccaroni,  with  five  illustrations  by  Giacomo
                                                Cuttone and with an attached audio CD (voice of
                                                the  actor  Guglielmo  Lentini,  music  by  Gino  De

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