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In  the  70's,  he    moves  to  Palermo  where  he  attends  the  Artistic  High  School  and  the
              Academy of Fine Arts. He recalls.

              "The school did the rest, first the Art School, then the Academy of Fine Arts. The big city,
              Palermo, with its museums and galleries, Arab churches and Art Nouveau villas, but also,
              with  its  palaces,  its  ghettos  and  dormitories,its  streets  paved  with  blood  and  its  long
              processions, has broadened my horizons, has consolidated this relationship with art."
              In the '80s he founded, together with other Sicilian artists, the Cultural Center Arts Visual
              of Marsala and, together with the Poet Antonino Contiliano, in the context of the cultural
              promotion of the City of Petrosino, gives life to an Art Exhibition Contemporary and to a
              Poetry Prize.He remembers:
              "Timidly  the  first  exhibitions  began:  implacable,  necessary,  decisive  verifications.  Then
              the  friendship  with  the  poet  Antonino  Contiliano  makes  my  painting  approach  poetry,
              become a lyrical moment."
                                                               In  1984,  while  continuing  to  maintain
                                                               contacts  with  the  artistic  reality  Trapani,  he
                                                               moves  to  the  province  of  Brescia  to
                                                               undertake  the  activity  of  teacher  of  Art  and
                                                               Image in secondary schools.
                                                               "The veils of fog and the chromatic snow of
                                                               the  north,  Brescia  in  particular  with  its

                                                               valleys  and  calm  lakes,  further  enrich  my
                                                               palette  of  new  colors;  new  symbols  and
                                                               experiences  that  materialize  in  a  rich
                                                               production  and  some  exhibitions:  Brescia,
                                                               Novi  Ligure,  Florence  and  down  to
                                                               Salerno.Finally,  again,  the  school  with  its
                                                               kids. Yes, the boys, who day after day, with
                                                               their  spontaneous  naivety,  charge  me  and
                                                               renew my desire to "do", to continue to "do"
               In Rome in 2012 with the poet Antonino          painting    with    maximum       freedom     of
                   Contiliano and the poet-publisher           expression, oscillating between concept and
                            Gianmario Lucini                   emotion."

             In 1989, returns to Sicily.
             From 1987 he  begins to publish articles of political satire, of politics, of historical-artistic-
             literary interest and art criticism on several newspapers provincial newspapers and online
             In 1992 he married Vincenza Burzotta (from whom he has two daughters, Sofia and Marta)
             and moved to Mazara del Vallo.
             From 2001 to 2005 he was a member of the C. d. A. of the Ente Mostra di Pittura of the
             Municipality of Petrosino.
             He has illustrated several books of poetry and literary magazines and is co-author of some
             collective poetry texts with intersemiotic editing.
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