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                Oh Manhood. There
                  is earth and sky.
                  Earth is what you
        live upon. Your dwelling place.
                    You have land,
               ocean and mountains.
                       Save every
          species of life and firmament                                 Green herb, seed
                         around.                                            and fruit.
                  Give living space                                           Creeping
        for others. Be it human or not.                     creatures, flying flows, fish and
                   Like the sun and                                           whales.
        stars become a light for others.                                    Beasts and
                    You will feel a                                            cattle.
        soothing breeze when you make                                   Multiplying and
                     others happy.                                            filling.
                    That is heaven.                                    Water, earth and

          Nothing more. Nothing less.                                            sky.
                     There is light.                                And Man and women
                 There is darkness.                           to rule over the globe and all.
                   Day and Night.                                        Keeping others
                      Morning and                                happy, safe and relaxed.
                         evening.                                         Protecting the
                  Seasons, days and                        earth, sky, water and it inmates.
                          years.                                      Rejuvenating your
                Water and dry land.                                      body and soul.

                               And Litterateur is here for you
                           Taking care of your turbulent heart

                                         To streamline life.

                                                                                                    Shajil Anthru
                                                                                                    Shajil Anthru
                                                                                                    Shajil Anthru
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