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Signs of the Apostles

             Can  a  man  fall  in  love  with  alike  or  a
             more endowed woman? No doubt, it will
             shatter  the  heart  of  one.  But  that  was
             not the case with Sartre and Simone de
             Beauvoir,  who  lived  together  without
               Nisha  Anilkumar's  Avadoothanmarude
             Adalayangal” (Signs of the Apostles), a
             novel  in  Malayalam  language  portrays
             the relationships of these intellects who
             lived  together.  The  story  evolves
             through  the  eyes  of  the  fictional
             character Camila.
             Although  the  novel  unfolds  through

             Simone de Beauvoir’s memoirs, Sartre's
             thoughts are beautifully expressed in it.

                          Nisha Anilkumar                                  നിഷ അനിൽകുമാർ

                                                   K M Santhoshkumar
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