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               Madness to                                       Dr. T. K.Titus


                                                                            Dr.T.K. Titus
                                                            worked as Head of Department (English) and
                                                               Principal in colleges in Maharashtra.
                                                             He is a prize winning author and published
                                                            several research papers in reputed journals.
                                                             He also wrote extensively for children and
                                                            general public. He was a Resource Person at
                                                           UGC Refresher Course and National Seminars.
                                                                Presently he teaches English at Mar
                                                                Augusthinose College Ramapuram.

                  Rohini Kottu is a poet and cultural critic. This   poetry collection is her first
                  book.  Her  poems  in  her  words  tell  “a  story  we  walked  past  and  perhaps
                  didn’t notice”. Her favorite poem is Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a
                  Snowy Evening”. Incidentally, the concluding lines of this poem “The woods
                  are  lovely,  dark  and  deep,  But  I  have  promises  to  keep,  And  miles  to  go

                  before  I  sleep,  And  miles  to  go  before  I  sleep”  acted  as  a  fountain  of
                  perpetual  inspiration  and  delight  for  Jawaharlal  Nehru,  our  first  Prime
                  Minister  and  on  whose  birthday  children’s  day  is  celebrated  across  the
                  nation. Pertinently, a passion for poetry is intimately connected to a childlike
                  innocence and a lively responsiveness to the world around us through our
                  feelings.  The  poets  throw  color  and  beauty  on  the  ordinary  things  of
                  everyday  life.  Poetry,  Frost  once  observed,  begins  in  delight  and  ends  in
                  wisdom. The poems in this collection also may have its origin in delight and
                  they  all  succeed  in  offering  the  readers  flashes  of  insight  about  the  little,
                  small  and  ordinary  events  that  we  all  experience  but  rather  ignore  in  our
                  daily life. Life is here and now and capturing its ebb and flow in rhythms and
                  images is what a poet does.
                  “Method to My Madness” is an elegantly produced anthology consisting of
                  thirty  two  poems,  which  are  striking  for  the  contemporary  consciousness,
                  reflectivity,  and  modernist  technique.  The  thematic  concerns  include
                  transience of love and life, death and eternity, resilience of human spirit, the
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