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Third     period    -    "Allegorical-sign
           expressionism" (until today)
           During this phase,  Giacomo Cuttone do

           not  abandon  the  symbolic  -  critical
           mediation and contact with the reality of
           events, its levels and its lacerations; He
           tries  to  work  within  the  sign-symbolic
           transformations  with  a  symptomatic
           direction  that  sets  out  the  form  /  image
           as a “differential allegory”.
           2011  Night  in  Ortigia  60x60  acrylic,
           Troina Civic Gallery of Contemporary Ar

                                     Son of a Great father

           Giacomo Cuttone was born in Marsala on 7 January 1958, second child of Rosaria Patti
           and  Girolamo,  artisan  decorator  and  painter  self-taught.  Ask  Giacomo  Cuttone,  how  his

           journey with painting started and he will say:
           “I remember my father coming back from work with his pants and beret colored white lime;
           the sky, at that time, was always red and the sirocco kept hissing.
           I remember my father under the fresh "touch" painting on a chair-cavalletto landscapes of
           memory in honey-colored colors; next to it, I was smearing cartoons and masonite.
           I remember the continuous singing of cicadas in the humid summer evenings and my father
           telling of "dammusa" decorated with colored earths and glue of leather clippings, angels,
           cherubs and fake cornices.
           I  still  willingly  listen  to  his  tales  populated  by  modest,  humble  characters  who  strongly
           believed in the dignity of their work.
           This is how my journey with painting begins, perhaps in a slightly romantic and twilight way.


                                                                          oil on canvas 50x60

                                                                              Girolamo Cuttone father
                                                                              of Giacomo Cuttone was
                                                                               a self-taught decorator
                                                                                    and painter.
                                                                                Painting of Girolamo
                                                                                Cuttone made in the
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