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Each snowflake is

                            accompanied by a



                                                   Sue Zhu


                                 Sue Zhu( 淑⽂), is a New Zealand Chinese poet and painter.
                  She used to be a TV presenter in China, now lives in Auckland, She is a member of the poetry
                   institute of China, director of NZ Poem Art Association, honorary director of the US-China
                     Cultural Association, One of the founders of NZ “All Souls Poetry” club, an Editor and
                         advisor for more than 20 Chinese poetry clubs and magazines in China, USA
                  and New Zealand.  She was a Judge and organiser of 2019 “Zuolong Right Tiger Cup ”China
                     national poetry competition, won a second place in the first China “JiFengTang Cup”
                   national literature competition, third prize of 2018 “Poetry and World” International poetry
                                            competition. Her poems and painting
                                 were published in Chinese main newspapers and magazines
                    such as People’s Daily, Poem Selection Magazine, Chinese Poets, China Daily news and
                   international media such as World Journal, International Daily News, USA Houston garden
                    of verses, Italy Immagine & Poesia, Austria Worte & Welten, OPA poetry archive, Asian
                                            Multimedia, Atunis Galaxy poetry…
                  In the Year 2019 she was awarded the certificate of Munir Mezyed Foundation for Arts and
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