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The  sisters  walked  pass  some  sweet              The  owner probed out his head to
             potato padlocks, pass the pig hut, and               see  what  was  going  on.  Lily  was
             came  to  Uncle’s  house.  Lily  peeked              embarrassed, and hastily pulled at
             around;  their  cousins  were  not  at               her  sister  with  all  her  strength.
             home.                                                Her  little  sister  fell  and  whined;
             As  they  walked  along  the  stone  path,           the cry was so loud, as if someone
             Lily  pondered  about  the  question  her            had blown a shell trumpet.
             little sister asked earlier “are we very             Lily led her younger sister to past
             poor?”  But  how  could  people  tell  if            the       temple       yard.      People
             they were poor or not? There were less               recognized them; they knew these
             people in Lily’s family compared to her              two  girls  were  from  a  certain

             Uncle’s.                                             family. She lowered her head and
             Lily’s parents had more farmland, less               walked  fast  to  pass  through  the
             pigs,  and  the  same  head  of  cows.  It           crowd.
             was  difficult  to  compare.  Yet  Uncle             The  pebbled  path  led  them  to
             owned  some  longan  trees,  and  made               Uncle’s house. Its door was closed
             money  every  year  by  selling  longan              but  not  latched.  Lily  stopped;  her
             fruit.  In  this  way,  were  they  poor             determination  was  unwavering,
             compared  to  Uncle’s  family?  Still  she           like  the  strong  wildfire  that
             had no answer.                                       burned  across  fields  of  dry  straw
             They  walked  and  walked.  When  they               (note 2) in July. The feeling of heat
             came to the drugstore selling all kinds              burned all the way up her throat.
             of goods, her younger sister refused to              Her  younger  sister  was  still
             move  and  stared  at  the  jar  of  plum            weeping.       Lily     swallowed        a
             powder.  Her  sister  could  be  as                  mouthful of saliva, then nervously
             stubborn  as  a  Taiwan  water  buffalo.             dragged  her  sister  and  sneaked
             Lily  was  not  able  to  drag  her  little          into Uncle’s house.
             sister away at all, no matter how hard               Inside,  like  a  giant  monster,  the

             she tried. For every step she tugged at              pantry  glared  intimidatingly  at
             her  little  sister,  her  sister  would  pull       her.  Lily  held  her  little  sister’s
             one  step  back.  When  Lily  walked                 hand  tightly  and  conjured  up  her
             forward  two  steps,  her  little  sister            courage.  She  looked  out  of  the
             would  pull  her  back  three  steps.  The           window.  The  leaves  of  some
             tug of war continued for a while. Thus,              longan  trees  were  waving  in  the
             they  remained  where  they  were,  in               breeze. The sunlight was bright.
             front of the drugstore.
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