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Giacomo Cuttone    (Marsala,  1958)  completed  his  studies  at  the  Art  School  and  the
              Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo. He has participated in the artistic life since 1972
              exhibiting,  by  invitation,  in  numerous  group  exhibitions.  He  has  to  his  credit  several
              personal exhibitions held in the national territory. He illustrated poetry books and literary
              magazines.  In  the  1980s  he  founded,  together  with  other  Sicilian  artists,  the  Cultural
              Center of Visual Arts of Marsala and, together with the Poet Antonino Contiliano, as part
              of  the  cultural  promotion  of  the  Municipality  of  Petrosino,  he  gave  life  to  a  Review  of
              Contemporary Art and a Poetry Prize. He is the co-author of some collective poetry texts
              with intersemiotic editing. In 2013 he published, together with Gianmario Lucini, Song of
              lost children, Edizioni CFR, Piateda (SO). He lives in Mazara del Vallo and teaches Art
              and Image in lower secondary schools.
              Analysing  the  artistic  life  of  Giacomo  Cuttone,  we  will  be  much  impressed  and
              overwhelmed by his contributions born in three is major periods of phases of his life.

                    First period - until 1989                   Second period- "ideogrammatic
            Giacomo  Cuttone  lyrically  expressed                   abstraction" (until 2009)
            the  real  of  the  imaginary  as  an         Magical  signs    embrace  and  radiate  infinite
            essential  dimension  of  life  and  where    space,  where  Giacomo  Cuttone  wove  his
            he sought the expressive immediacy of         infinite  canvas,  a  labyrinth  of  memory  and
            travel,  joy,  strength;  a  language  that   creativity;   a   sudden     painting    full   of
            claimed the civil commitment of art;          chromatisms,  projected  into  the  world  of  the
            Typical work is well said by, Nel mondo       fantastic,  shattered  into  irregular  geometric
            della luna, mixed on paper 35x50.             figures;

                                                          2001,  The  word  trade  center,  acrylic  and
                                                          sand, 80x80 demonstrates the second period.
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