Page 28 - October 2020
P. 28

Love and only love is not an invention, man’s making
                                 Magnetic storms don’t make cockeyed the stars’ kisses
                                                My love cannot be threatened
                                       Frigates of birds sound the turning of thought

                                     The bitterness of irrevocable ice and the ransom
                                                   for the shores’ lost sight

                              My love shouts that summer’s funeral should be at the public
                                         It averts the evil eye when bankers dream
                                                 This yes, it’s social justice!
                                              Your god is smaller than his fame

                               My love is whatever turns, without cuts, proud and vigorous
                                                         in the next life
                                                 Bridles on voters of nought
                                      My love is whatever shudders without wearing

                              It’s the chapel where ruined loves kiss each other longingly
                                               The lid of the transparent world
                                                   The “no” and the “don’t”
                                     My love is the scanning, the approach, the touch

                                               The relentless rain and shelter
                                               My love assumes responsibility

                                                    My love is free speech

                                           Koukis  Christos,  from  Athens  has  published
                                           numerous  poetry  books  and  poems  in
                                           International  Magazines.  He  participated  in
                                           several  International  Poetry  festivals  and
                                           Poetry anthologies. He has been the Director of
                                           International Poetry Festival in Greece
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