Page 26 - October 2020
P. 26

My Bag

                                                Paulami Sengupta

                                                 A song for my shoulders

                                           to help me muscle down the subway
                                                without pushing strangers,
                                                           my bag
                                                has baggage of other bags
                                             and places I traveled with them.

                                          Then there are always exits planned.
                                           In case of a tremor, a riot, or a tear,
                                           I will grab this womb of documents.
                                                           and run.

                                                                               Paulami Sengupta is a
                                                                               publishing professional
                                                                               based in Kolkata. Her
                                                                               poems (in English and
                                                                               Bangla) and translations
                                                                               have been published
                                                                               in Kabi Sammelan, Indian
                                                                               Literature, Cold Noon,
                                                                               and The Sunflower Literary
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