Page 25 - October 2020
P. 25

Are you there or not?

                                                                                       Arnab Roy
                                                Whose room is this?
                                                Burning so calmly?
                                          Under the shadow of this blaze
                                          come let’s unwind our threads.

                                         ‘You are there’ and ‘you are not’

                                           I am torn between these two.
                                            You may have not noticed,
                                     my feet do not touch the floor anymore,
                                      I have turned into a massive ‘no one’,
                                 just like a lame balloon of someone’s birthday

                                    ‘Are you there’ or ‘are you not’? — Hay?

                                    Come, let’s sit here , untangle our threads
                                                 under this shadow,

                                            Let’s burn together, calmly.

                 Arnab Roy  teaches in a school at a provincial town of West Bengal.He has two collections of
                    poems, namely, Rwiju Chilon Bismito Sorol (can be crudely translated Upright Smooth
                                       Surprised Simple) and Korunasomogro (The Pity
                          Omnibus may be) to his credit. He has also published a collection of short
                                                        stories so far.
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