Page 24 - October 2020
P. 24

Chipped Nails and

                    Trimmed Hair in Brine

                          Pushpanjana Karmakar Biswas

                When you clip your nails, trim your hair
                You break your alliance with time
                These tiny alcoves of joy, hysteria, sadness and dread
                Stay with your body endowments
                The walls of arguments, sighs of meshing,glaze of smile
                They keep to their presence  like silent contours of museum casement
                These will never grow back into you
                even when the crude and beauty intensify in its finery
                That would be owned by another archival set of   keratin history.

                Time arrests you in its dizziness
                These trimmed hair and clipped nails
                are secret dam gates of flowing time
                Scattered in the earth of your body
                Does anybody collect these abandoned hair and nails and burn or bury them
                when you die?
                Does your afterlife grow from this mulch?

                You say words are linkages and fusion of truth and myth
                All these germinate from brine of my nails and hair
                You say I am a passage on the ocean floor through the coral reefs
                You say I am true and hence good
                because Somebody built me and I acquiesced along
                Facts are true and best when uncontested
                You are so far away to judge
                 But what I see  in the distance
                 Between the image and my shadow
                is a nauseating hope
                that I am not alone
                but discoverable in the mystique travels of your mind.

                       Pushpanjana Karmakar Biswas is a corporate lawyer in  Bangalore (India) and has
                    contributed poems to magazines in the likes of Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi’s bi-
                   monthly journal), The Poetry India: Enchanting Echoes (All India Poetry Competition), The
                           Sunflower Collective and others. She examines laughter and the lack of it.
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