Page 22 - October 2020
P. 22


                                           Jatinder  Aulakh

                                                Harmonious feelings
                                                  Of heavenly love
                                                   Make me walks
                                             On the miraculous path of
                                              Aromatic alluring dreams

                                         Fatter less love of boundless soul

                                      Enjoying vibrant richness of emotions

                                       Unfolding the abundance of thee love
                                                Nature getting trance
                                                   by thee  magical
                                                  ageless presence

                                            Those moments i have spent
                                       Were possessed by lifeless bondage
                                            Now i start to breathe again
                                         As flower delightfully respond to
                                       Slow wind in the lukewarm sunlight.

                                       Jatinder    Aulakh  has  been  editor  of  Hindi
                                       and Punjabi literary journal ‘Meghla’ and a
                                       columnist  in  several  newspapers.  By
                                       profession, he is a Homeopathic Doctor and
                                       his  research  work  about  archaeological
                                       sites  has  been  well  recognized.  Presently,
                                       he  is  the  literary  editor  of  'Punjabi  Writer
                                       Weekly'  New  York  based  newspaper  and
                                       publishing  works  of  the  writers  from  all
                                       around the world
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