Page 20 - October 2020
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A Gift

                                                                                 beautiful girl
                                                                                 on a skateboard

              Jeff Weddle                                                        black mini dress

                                                                                 and frizzy hair

                                                                                 on an August day
                                                                                 in Alabama

                                                                                 here for a second
                                                                                 and gone

                                                                                 trailing dreams
                                                                                 and summer scorch

                                                                                 somehow alone
                                                                                 and shining

                                                                                 this heartbreaker
                                                                                 in cool shades

                                                                                 rolling right on
                                                                                 down the line

                  Jeff Weddle is a poet and writer living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He won the Eudora
                  Welty  Prize  for  Bohemian  New  Orleans:  The  Story  of  the  Outsider  and  Loujon
                  Press  (University  Press  of  Mississippi,  2007),  and  has  also  received  honors  for  his
                  fiction and poetry. The author of eleven books, Jeff teaches in the School of Library
                  and Information Studies at the University of Alabama.
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