Page 2 - October 2020
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The riddle of the hand

                        Giacomo Cuttone

                            "The riddle of  the hand", acrylic on canvas 80x80 (2018):
             The painting "The riddle of the hand" recalls - but also in the use of a hand-mannequin (a
             being without a gender) - the Metaphysical Painting. In the center stands a hand: it is a
             hand that sinks but, at the same time, is reborn; that invokes; which also tends to cling to
             clouds;  which  asks  that  the  humanity  of  man  be  recognized  again.  Everything  seems
             motionless;  everything  stopped  in  a  timeless  space,  in  absolute  silence.  The  strong
             contrast  between  warm  and  cold  colors  and  the  oblique  horizon  create  a  provocative
             effect that generates a sense of disturbance. The riddle alludes to a different reality, it
             pushes the user to go beyond what he sees to find a different meaning, a new truth.
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