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Pear’s Birth

             Mermaid is drinking snow flower
             Now snow flower scatters                                        Cecily Hwang
             The hope of Herald
             On the flower land                                          ( Korean Name - In-kyung Hwang)

             The Mermaid Princess put the shell onto
             The bottom of the sea.
             Shell’s ordeal
             Shell’s stony life changes into bliss.
             Shell gave a birth to pearl
             Pearl is drinking the ordeal diamond
             Making the story,
             The story was given by Andersen
             Twinkling the ocean on the rock.
             Pearl makes a little promise to Nymph
             Nymph should keep the silent order.
             Silent sky plotted the fate
             Of constellation
             Dyeing with flower,
             With the tip of a brush
             Picturing the twinkling sea; building
                                                                                Her hometown is Seoul
             the Castles in the sky;                                      She studied English Linguistics and
             Touching the icy land                                   Literature in Seoul Woman’s Univ. and got the

             People walk into of flowery land                         diploma of Master of Arts in Education Major
             where there is the Flirting wine,                             in English Language Teaching in
                                                                      Yonsei., Seoul. Ph. D of English Literature in
             where there is the Dancing wine,                              Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul.
             Refusing the flowery land                                   Now she is a Research Professor at
             The hometown of the sabbath                                   Humanities Research Institute.
             Nymph comes back to
             Mermaid Princess should see
             The Prince on the sea
             The Prince isn’t noticeable to her brilliance,
             Leaving the pearl ring.
             Now She gently touches shell’s ordeal
             On the rock
             The Ocean’s brilliance
             Why, brilliant?

             There are shell’s ordeal and painfulness.
             They make us splendid on the icy land
             or the flowery land which is filled with
             the flirting wine and dancing wine
             Mermaid is drinking snow’s tear
             Now waiting for the prodigal prince.
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