Page 14 - October 2020
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A Thousand Worths

                   been said that a picture is worth a thousand words ...                  Sabrina
                   Well .....
                   to me it is worth more ....                                              Young
                   ... like the
                   inside a recipe , it
                   stirs but tells no
                   Just imagine every word that your mind cannot

                   Still , I can say
                   no words to scribe , not even a hint
                   vision a rose a minute before bloom                                 Sabrina    Young     is   a
                   flutter goes the heart to privilege the sight                       published  writer  from  the
                   You might say amazing right ?                                       United  States.  Her  other
                   Well no ... no words will suffice                                   interests           include
                   how it feels                                                        photography,  and  Singing.
                                                                                       Sabrina  writes  from  her
                   on the                                                              soul,  her  words  formed
                   inside                                                              from her troubled past help
                   not so close the words                                              her  to  mend.  She  finds
                   cannot bring the peace that flood my mind                           comfort    in   baring   all
                   For when                                                            secrets  and  skeletons,  so
                                                                                       that she may help others to
                   the dam breaks                                                      not only see their light, but

                   my soul cannot hold                                                 to clear a path to their soul
                             the thunder
                   ... then the pain
                   to the beauty that fill my
                   eyes ,
                   a dance of hope in
                   loves rhythm
                   flowing into faiths
                   borderless stream
                   when poetry
                   becomes a painting
                   in the sky
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