Page 13 - October 2020
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                                           Aritra Sanyal

                How  poetic it is to decipher an accident from splinters strewn across the road

                We could see tremors within amorous women if we could see sound in this way

                If everything I can recall is true, the world is supposed to be slightly larger in size.

                A dog is seen chasing the dying light of the day

                There in the woods is a person frantically fumbling his pockets. He went missing.

                Your frowns are pricking the scene like thickets –
                                                                                 I want to go missing

                I don’t know where in my body my address lies

                Scribbled notes on a piece of paper blink like a traffic signal for a moment – and
                then there is nothing

                For a long time I did not travel far from here. I am lost right here, in time

                                            Aritra  Sanyal  is  a  poet,
                                            translator,  researcher,  an
                                            amateur       photographer
                                            and an ex-sports journalist
                                            (The     Statesman).     He
                                            chiefly  writes  in  Bengali
                                            and     is   the     author
                                            fivebooks  of  poetry.  He  is
                                            the   recipient   of   Sunil
                                            Gangopadhyay         Award
                                            (2018) conferred by Kabita
                                            Academy,  an  institution
                                            for  poetry  organized  by
                                            the  Government  of  West
                                            Bengal, India
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