Page 98 - November 2020
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                                                                                       November 2020

                                                       The Chill

                                                   A Shyammohan

                                     A movie critic and columnist based in Kerala, India

                The rain pours incessantly in the hills. The icy tentacles pervade everything in its
                reach, giving no heed to time, with a chill that can’t be thawed. But it’s the memory
                of an another bloody chill that made Ayesha give a jerk in her blanket making the
                personal assistant girl take sudden notice of her. “You want something hot?” she
                enquired wryly. Otherwise also Ayesha was pretty sure that the PA’s hawk eyes
                were  fully  glued  on  her.  The  blanket  moved  along  with  her  nay.  “Sir  had  just
                called”, PA’s voice was sharp like an icicle that sent a sliver down Ayesha making
                her more desolate and cold. The PA girl returned to her work satisfied. Ayesha felt
                the dampness close in on her with an aimless vengeance.

                She had felt the same cold disgust when she came to join the college navigating
                sinister  ‘U’  turns  and  frosty  clouds.  The  campus  looked  melancholic  as  seen

                through  a  sullied  glass.  Then  it’s  not  raining  Ayesha  thought  but  the  chill  was
                there  nevertheless.  She  felt  the  creepy  touch  of  a  lecher  on  her  inner  thighs
                crawling measuredly up making her nauseous. “It might be the curves”, her umma
                consoled.  The  flight  of  stairs  to  the  office  was  flanked  by  an  English  spring
                complementing the unplastered stone walled block ahead. The burst and bloom of
                the flowers were lost on Ayesha as she struggled to keep herself warm in spite of
                the warm weather. She was fighting to thaw the frost that had settled on her skin,
                inside her clothes, beneath her shroud. Her body gave out jerks in the name of
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