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November 2020           96

                                                THE CYNICAL REVOLUTIONARY

               May  opened  a  scratched  rectangular  Tupperware  container  that  may  have  been
               transparent  once.  It  was  crammed  with  ham  and  mustard  sandwiches  that  she
               thrust towards me.

               “Thank  you  but  I’ve  got  my  own  food…  tempeh  and  natto…  It’s  Japanese  food.
               You see I’m on a special diet.”

               “Oh, sure we all have some affliction. I’ve got an ulster myself and can’t touch the
               crather,”  said  Phonsie,  as  he  poured  tea  with  milk  added  into  two  beige  plastic
               cups from a thermos flask, trademarked with two smiling Sherpa type’s set against
               the background of a snow-covered mountain.

                 “So, are you going to tell us about your banner then, May?”

               “Well alright so, I’ll tell you now if I must,” May said when the trolley had passed.

               She straightened herself, took a deep breath and with a ‘here goes’ pronounced

               FREE WATER   JAIL HOGAN.

               I took my tempeh out of its tinfoil wrapping. Phonsie and May chatted on about
               their banners and the march and where they’d be meeting their friends from the

               “They said we could meet up at four o’clock in the Green,” May said.

               “Well I hope the march’ll be over by that, May.”

               “Well whether or which I’ll be getting my bit to eat and meeting my friends!”

               “Tell me” I said,

               “Who are your leaders, who will be speaking at your rally?”

               “Well there’ll be music, Christy Mooley ‘ll be singing a few songs, and there’ll be a
               few folk groups…and who’ll be speaking May?”

               May opened The Star under the heading
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