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November 2020            95

                                                THE CYNICAL REVOLUTIONARY

               “And that was only with the heart of the week spent trying to invent a slogan for it.
               What did you put on yours Phonsie?”

               “It’s not all that good May’ Phonsie reddened and shuffled his feet under the table.
               After the
               indulgence of a long pause, dignified by our silence, he relented. ‘Well anyway here
               it is,” he said. “I wrote ‘Rivers run free - people pay.’”

               “Oh, I like that Phonsie” May’s eyes shone. “It’s never easy to think up a good one.”

               “I live on my own you see, so it’s all my own work.”  He nodded to me, a farmery
               smile creasing his countenance.

               “What’s on yours May?”

               “Oh, it’s not nearly as good as that Phonsie. To tell you the truth I don’t think I’ll tell
               it to you at all.”

               “Fair’s fair May, it can’t be any worse than mine.”

               “You’ll give me your word not to laugh at it.”

               The girl with the refreshments trolley stopped beside our seats. “Tea, coffee?”   May
               leaned in towards us, “wait a minute till she’s gone, you wouldn’t know what these
               foreigners might be thinkin.”

               “You  see  we  do  bring  some  grub  with  us,  sangwiches,  flasks  of  tea  and  the  like”
               Phonsie explained.

               “It does be a long day in the city.”

               “An'  we  do  meet  up  with  a  few  friends  we’ve  made,  from  Roscommon  and  Mayo”
               May said. ‘
               Sure, we do make a party out of it all.”

               “Would you have some from us?”
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