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November 2020           93

                                                THE CYNICAL REVOLUTIONARY

               “So how do you hope to achieve your demands; are you going to occupy the Dail
               and RTE, seize the seat of power and proclaim a workers’ state?”

               I felt as if I’d been speaking a foreign language to them.

               “Well let’s see your paper then, do you have a paper?”

               The man rummaged in his bags till he came up with a morning tabloid.

               “The Star!” I blurted. “Sorry, sorry, I thought you’d have a party paper.”

               “Some of us read the Examiner.”

               I looked at the heading on the front page of the Star.

                100,000 Water Protesters March on Dail. Minister Hogan Takes Flight.

               For some reason or other my mind wandered to the high-speed train scenes in the
               film  version  of  Dr  Zhivago;  fired  up  Trotsky,  played  by  Tom  Courtney,
               commanding  the  revolutionary  forces  spread  along  the  front,  from  a  carriage  in
               which  he  was  sole  occupant.    His  greatcoat  was  pure  leather,  as  was  the
               fashionable peaked cap from where his visionary gaze assessed the course of the

               “Maybe you’d have a paper May?” the man turned to the woman beside me.

               “I  gave  up  reading  them  Phonsie,  look  at  the  lies  they  wrote  about  the  last
               protest.” She turned to me, “and as for your lovely RTE, I’d burn it to the ground.”

               “So,  what  kind  of  poetry  do  you  write,  I  used  to  like  Pearse’s  one  ‘The  Fool’?”
               Phonsie said, “My teacher was a mad IRA man. We had it off by heart.”

               Since the wise men have spoken…I was wondering, should I?

               “Oh, it’s about freedom,” I fumbled with ‘The Star’. “how we can’t ever be really
               free in this life but see glimpses of it in moments of enlightenment, that kind of
               stuff, that keeps us going.”
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