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                                                                                       November 2020


                All  this,  by  a  long  way  of
                saying  that  the  above  is  a
                vision of being an artist that I
                utterly  reject  and  hope  the
                douee  does  not  have  to
                partake  in.  As  a  matter  of

                fact,  I  would  like  to  identify
                what  some  of  the  humus  for
                my  writing  and  activism  has
                been  over  the  years.    As  a
                person who in her youth was
                nurtured by radical traditions                   Father working in the back yard
                which  were  strong  in  the
                1960’s 70’s both in the US and
                Italy,  like  many  others,  I
                believe  in  the  association
                between  arts,  social  justice
                and freedom (see here Meena
                Alexander’s  and  here  Toni
                Morrison’s      more      eloquent
                expositions of the concept) . I
                believe       that       whatever
                creativity  a  person  might
                have  must  be  put  back  into

                the  community  and  society
                 from where it sprang and be                     Brother in law making pizza boxes
                allowed  to  make  ripples  in                     at the restaurant, early 1960's
                the       contiguous         areas,
                especially      now     that    the
                transnational  implications  of
                our  lives  have  been  made
                pretty clear.
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