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November 2020           89

                                                      DESERT CANDLE

             “Owww!” she cried, to nobody. “Ooww!” There wasn’t anybody to cry to.

                         There was nothing to do but to sit back and brush herself off and look to see if

             she was cut anywhere.  Her right hand and knee were pretty scraped up and she had to
             pick little pieces of rock out of her skin.  Her mouth was pretty dry, too, but she began
             to lick the palm of her hand. It started to bleed and pretty soon it was a red muddy,
             bloody mess. Still, the blood didn’t run too much, so she decided to spit on her fingers
             and wipe her knee.

                         Her knee hurt. She hurt everywhere. Would her hand be O.K.? Would her knee?

                         “Ooooh!”she cried! She wrapped her arms around her legs and rocked back
             and forth,crying,
                         “Ooooh!Oooooh!”  She wished Mommy would come to help her.

                         After a little while, she got quiet. She should think. What should she do? Rest

             for a minute? Make a decision? How long had she been sitting there? She wasn’t sure.
             She’d wait a bit.

                         She was just starting to feel normal again when she noticed something really
             different. Right there, next to her, beside the road was something really pretty! It was
             weird, like everything on the desert, but yes, it was really something pretty – a weed? –
             a cactus? – a flower? Well, weeds weren’t really pretty and cactuses, like the one on
             Wade’s mom’s counter, were prickly.

                         This looked like it could be prickly. It had a fat stem with prickly-looking things
             at the
             bottom, near where the leaves came out. It had skinny leaves. They weren’t too green,
             but the stem was light green, like glow-in-the-dark plastic Jesus green. The best thing
             was the tiny flower at the top! Really and truly, it was a flower – a dark, purply flower, a
             teeny little one, but a real flower – a dark, purple flower on a glow-in-the-dark stem!

                         “Wow!” Ashley said aloud, “Wow! Look at that!”

             She  got  a  little  closer.  She  looked  some  more.  At  their  old  house  she  sometimes
             picked  flowers  for  Mommy  and  took  them  inside.  Sometimes  Mommy  wasn’t  happy
             when she did that. She started to reach out, but her hand stopped. Something wasn’t
             right. Only four or five tiny flowers were here. The stems seemed to be lit up like magic.
             They were so weird! Maybe they were poison! Maybe she should leave them here.  She
             couldn’t decide, so she sat there looking just a little longer. They were really pretty.
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