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                                                                                       November 2020

                                             DESERT CANDLE*

                                                Jean Waggoner

                     Jean    Waggoner    is   a   retired
                     community      college/   university
                     English  and  ESL  teacher  who  has
                     been  active  in  Inlandia  Institute  of
                     Riverside,CA  since  its  inception  in
                     the  early  2000s.  Jean  lives  in
                     Idyllwild, CA.

                         The author  started sketching this story  in the 1990s. It is one of the first items
                                                published by the author in 2000

             The RV was hot and Ashley was bored. Mommy kept saying, “Go outside and play
             with  your  brother,”  but  Billy  and  his  friends  never  played  anything  fun.  Morgan
             wouldn’t let her sit on his lap. “It’s too hot,” he said. The T.V. was broke; Mommy

             and Morgan both said so.  She tried to turn it on, anyway.

                         “Go outside! We got work to do!” yelled Mommy.

                         “Yeah, kid, get lost!” added Morgan

                         Ashley went to get some toys, but most of the Barbies and Power Rangers
             and Transformers didn’t have all their legs and arms or their heads were off. The
             teddy bear and the Barney smelled bad, and anyway, she was too old for Barney
             and that old stuffed bear that used to be her grandmother’s. She was six now.

                         “You hear your mom? We got work to do, “said Morgan, “Time to go out!”
              It was hotter than the RV outside in the desert. Ashley didn’t want to go. “Can’t I
             stay? Can’t you read me a story?”

                         “No!”  Mommy yelled from the sink.

                         “Can I have a popsicle?” Ashley asked.
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