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                                                    AND  LIFE  MOVED ON

               very soon. People said that close, just by the river Warta, there will be a big battle.
               And they fled away from the river, as far as they could. This flight was pointless
               but  back  then  noone  knew  what  to  do  and  what  will  happen…  German  fighters
               were attacking the civilians and the military on the roads. Irene would jump with
               her family into the roadside ditch whenever she could hear the roar of the fighter.

               They  had  finally  reached  some  barn.  In  the  night  there  was  another  shooting.
               People prayed out loud, kept crying. The mother woke up the girl:

               - Get up, the barn may catch the fire any moment.

               The child was terribly tired - she barely lifted her head from the straw and said:

               - Wake me up when it’s on fire.

               And she went back to sleep.

               September was very warm that year. One day, when a girl dressed in a red dress
               with  white  polka  dots  was  playing  in  the  backyards,  the  German  planes  had
               emerged. Everyone quickly hid. Someone yelled

               - Take the child in the red dress!

               She felt that someone grabbed her by her arms and hid behind the wall.
               There were many flights from nosediving fighters. With time, she learned what to

               For  a  while  she  stayed  alone  with  her  mother  as  her  father  went  to  help  those
               fighting in Warsaw. He came back 2 or 3 weeks later.

               In October 1939 the Germans allowed for classes to start. As it later turned out,
               this was only to catch the teachers. Eradicating Polish intelligentsia was on their
               agenda. Irene’s mother was a teacher and someone had warned her that the next
               day all the teachers would get arrested. She didn’t want to raise any suspicion and
               so she wrote a note with a warning, put it in the pocket of her little daughter and

               - You will go to all the teachers that we know and you will show this
               - Yes, mother.
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