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                                                                                       November 2020

                                            And Life  Moved On

                                             Agnieszka Jarzębowska

                                               Translated by Tomasz Jarzębowski

              Agnieszka  Jarzębowska  (born  in  Sieradz,  Poland),
              graduate  of  Łódź  University,  member  of  „Anima”
              Literary  Club,  "Poets  after  hours”  Informal  Group,
              Literary Group “Desant”, honorary member of Janów
              Literary Club. She is the author of lyrical and satirical
              texts.  Her  works  were  translated  to  different
              languages  in  the  world.  Published  four  books  of
              epigrams  and  four  books  of  poems.  Received  the
              award  of  the  Municipal  Council  of  Sieradz  for
              achievements  in  literature.  Awarded  the  Medal  of
              National  Commission  of  Education  for  work  and
              social  achievements.  Life  Time  Achievement  Award
              from Writers Corner International (India).

              On  the  1st  of  September  1939  Irene  had  just  finished  7  and  was  about  to  go  to

              school. Even days before the war started, the grown-ups kept talking about it. She
              understood little of it, thought this just meant a hand to hand combat by soldiers in
              colourful uniforms. In any case these were the images that she saw in the books.
              One day, when she was listening to the grown-ups talking, she burst our crying,
              when she imagined troopers fighting with their sabres right under her windows, the
              blood trickling. There is no water in the house and you can’t get any because the
              well is at the end of the backyard.

              Father had to calm the seven-year old for a long time:

              - We are safe, child.

              First day after the war started had brought the sight of people who, after the nearby
              city had been bombarded, had fled to her hometown. Desperate people, sitting on

              the stairs, in the backyards - all exhausted and hungry. And the locals would bring
              them pots of coffee, soup, whatever they could. Irene’s family faced the same fate
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