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                                                                                       November 2020


                 He had to admit, as a person who admired the language of facts and reasonable
                 arguments, that there was relentless, but pure truth in Emilia's words. He asked
                 his beloved wife what she would like for breakfast and left the room His school
                 graduation suit lay lifelessly on the floor. No doubt after a while Dr. Grossmann
                 came  back  into  the  bedroom  bearing  breakfast  for  Emilia.  Just  like  in  their
                 student days. The only thing we don't know is whether that school graduation
                 suit found its way back into the cupboard or whether it met a different fate. It's
                 easy  to  guess,  but  hard  to  be  sure.  Yet  that  was  never  the  important  thing,

                 anyway.  Meanwhile,  the  dawn  broke  on  a  clear  day  in  Dr.  Grossmann's  fruit
                 orchard and a breeze blew in through the half-open windows. People are usually
                 touched by Nature. There is something incomparably sentimental about it.
                 In  the  Carlton  Hotel  that  afternoon  a  pleasant  meeting  took  place  of  elderly
                 gentlemen,  inseparable  friends,  who  had  in  common  the  years  they  had  lived
                 through  together,  unforgettable  memories  and  above  all  noble  characters.
                 Without doubt, Dr. Grossmann was present at that meeting. It could even be said
                 that it is highly likely.
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