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                                                                                       November 2020


                 Grossmann    I'm sorry, but I don't intend to argue with you, and certainly not
                 about such obvious things. It's the principle that matters to me. That suit will go
                 in the dustbin. It won't hurt anyone. Believe me. No one will mourn. Not even you.
                 I'll  take  care  of  that.  After  all,  I  haven't  been  anywhere  in  a  week.  I  am  retired,
                 which is the same thing as resting, and I shall spend my retirement living with
                 you in harmony. You must admit that suit no longer has a place in our household.
                 I'm  here  -  in  person.  It  doesn't  need  to  take  anyone's  place.  To  stand  in  for
                 Emilia              We two will never agree. We've lived two completely different lives,
                 even though they were in some way connected. We've lived close to each other,
                 very close, yet next to each other. Even so, I would still claim that we've never
                 stopped, and we never will stop, loving each other.
                 Grossmann       I can't contradict you there. I should be contradicting myself.

                 Emilia                I'm extremely glad we have at last, though in a roundabout
                 fashion, come to an irrevocable decision to hang your suit up in the cupboard.
                 Grossmann       Forgive me for being so blunt, but my reputation as a man who
                 under all circumstances put forward the right opinion and had it accepted, does
                 not allow me to agree with you in this case. That suit belongs in the dustbin and
                 nowhere else. And, after all, we're not going to be the ones to go against that
                 obvious logic. We'll throw it away.
                 Emilia                  I can assure you it won't make much difference if you pick that
                 suit up and put it back in the cupboard.
                 Grossmann         Don't worry, it won't make much difference if we throw this suit
                 Emilia                   That's impossible.
                 Grossmann          It's unavoidable. Because it's impossible to do up the trousers
                 of this suit, since the moths have destroyed them just at that point.
                 Emilia                   That's no obstacle. So far as I know, the deceased's hands are
                 clasped in the coffin, so whether your trousers will or will not be buttoned up is
                 neither here nor there.

                 Dr.Grossmann thought about this for a while and then spoke in a brooding tone.

                 Grossmann           That's a fact. Actually, you're right.
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