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                                                                                       November 2020


              Emilia             You've no idea how your affectionate words warm my heart.
              Grossmann    I'm glad you are beginning to be sensible about the
              misunderstanding you caused.
              Emilia             That's marvellous! The misunderstanding I caused?
              Grossmann    Of course. What's so surprising about that?
              Emilia             I can't believe my own ears. You couldn't possibly say that - ever. You
              just couldn't say such words. I mean, the idea wouldn't even occur to you.
              Grossmann   You're right. Until now I could never have said anything like that, or
              even secretly thought it, because it's a fact that until this moment you have never
              caused a misunderstanding. Never mind, it's never too late to start.
              Emilia             That's the kind of objective view you should take of your school
              graduation suit - and of course your funeral, too.

              Grossmann     Since when has my funeral got anything to do with my school
              Emilia               Don't change the subject. It's not so much the funeral itself, as your
              view - your objective view of it.
              Grossmann      Then don't worry your head about my view. I can see things only too
              clearly and in focus. It would be more to the point to test your eyes, if you can't see
              this old suit has long been no use for anything, to say nothing of an occasion such
              as a funeral and my funeral in retirement in particular.
              Emilia               At your funeral what will be important is not so much that you were
              retired as what you were before your retirement.
              Grossmann      You needn't try so hard. I understand you very well. I know what you
              want to hint at, or rather, say. Yes, I'm no longer what I've been up to now. Either in
              society or in the family. And if you want me to spell it out: either in the bank or in
              the bedroom. But that still doesn't mean you have to punish me by disgracing me

              entirely - shamelessly getting your revenge at my very funeral. In public, in the eyes
              of my friends and colleagues.
              Emilia                 Strange, how suspicious you suddenly are. You never used to be
              like that. You were overflowing with confidence and now you don't trust me. You
              assume I have dishonest intentions. You give your friends and colleagues as an
              excuse, while they'll probably never even live to see your funeral. Just think of
              them, with all their complaints and ailments.
              Grossmann         Strange, how you're burying everyone all of a sudden. You never
              used to be like that. You were overflowing with joie de vivre and now you talk of
              nothing but death. You don't even given anyone else as a excuse.
              Emilia                  You're wrong there! I'm not talking about death. I'm talking about
              life, which will go on even after the death of your friends and colleagues.
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